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What's on your phone?

Java applications recently downloaded to my new Nokia 3200:

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Posted by: Alexander Fri Mar 5 13:20:42 2004

Sweet Jesus, you've got a Nokia 3200?!?! That's daft.

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 5 13:37:05 2004


It was cheaper than the 7250i by A$140, and only differed in having less RAM. Given that the camera is crap and Java apps fit in <64K each, I'm not likely to need more.

I had a choice: spend $1,000 on a high-end Symbian futurephone, only to see a better one come out and the price drop, wait for the better one, or get a cheap one that does Java and such. I did the latter, with the expectation that I will replace it in a year or two. Besides which, I'm probably going to replace my Handspring Visor with a WiFi-enabled Tungsten at some stage.

Posted by: Alexander Fri Mar 5 15:17:15 2004

Sorry if I sounded offensive, but I've had my eye on mid-to-high end mobile phones quite a while now, and I was appalled by the money Nokia wanted for a handset that was clearly inferior to other mobiles on the same price range.

I keep blagging on about the same thing, but I'll use my phone, a Motorola V525 as a reference.

V525 | 3200 65k | 4.096 (# of colours) 176x220 | 128x128 (Resolution) 5Mb | ? (memory) Yes | No (Bluetooth) 88x45x23|108x45x21(size in mm) 640x480 |352x288 (camera resolution) 115g |90g (weight) Yes |Yes (Java) No limit|64Kb (Max java app download) Yes |No (Midi Editor) 40 |16 (Polyphonic ringtones) 4 |10 (Monophonic ringtones) Yes |No (Mp3 Ringtones) 1000+ |256 (max Phonebook entries) €250 |€270* (Price)

*Vodafone ended up slashing the price of the Nokia 3200 to €200 because no-one would touch it.

I don't know how much a V525 costs in Australia (or if it even

Posted by: Alexander Fri Mar 5 15:19:45 2004

... exists), but another excellent phone in this price range is the SonyEricsson T610.

I hope I didn't sound too much of a bastard with all this, but I can't stand seeing people buy stuff from those cheating finnish bilge-merchants when the same money will get you a much better phone.

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 6 02:09:09 2004

What do you mean by "Finnish bilge merchants"? I've had four Nokia phones, and have been pleased with all of them. Though the fact that they only support Windows for PC connections I've found to be a bit annoying.

Posted by: mitch http:// Sun Mar 7 00:00:52 2004

Speaking of Finland, we all know "orkut" is Finnish slang for "orgasms", right? Is this a Sign that will become a Google-Nokia collaboration, introducing Internet social software into the SMS ecology? (Or perhaps the name will be too embarrassing for Nokia. The tolerance of Scandinavian liberalism will be tested again! Or Orkut could just change its name. It's still in beta, after all.)

I believe some soc-soft pundit recently argued that Friendster-style networks will not really take off until they are combined with a convenient Instant Message system like ICQ. (Friendster/Orkut webmail doesn't count.) Otherwise, the pattern is that people sign up, play for a few weeks, and then forget about them.

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 7 02:09:45 2004

Does LiveJournal count as a social-software network? The LJ network seems to be more complete than on any network-only system.

Posted by: mitch http:// Sun Mar 7 03:15:03 2004

The pundit was talking about viability *as a business*. LJ is more like a super-BBS; I don't see any talk of an IPO.

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