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Analogue fractals

Video Feedback Fractals; fractal-looking shapes (resembling IFSes, for the most part) generated using purely analogue means, i.e., a video camera, two monitors and a pane of glass. Which is rather clever. (via Gimbo)

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Posted by: Jarvist Frost Tue Mar 9 02:57:38 2004

Thought you might be interested; about a month ago I developed some code to produce such video fractals using a very simple computer simulation. The interesting feature is that the fractal nature occurs due to the innate effect of pixel-aperture selecting a subset of the overlap of four possible pixels - the fractals growing out of such 'constructors'. Please see for pictures, movies & pattern space explorations - pester me to put up the code if you're interested :) BTW; the exact same effects occur for laser-fractals, where the magnifying nature of the laser cavity and polarising effect of the material being 'pumped' produces a very similar effect.

Posted by: mihaly http:// Wed Mar 10 16:57:25 2004

I only wanted to comment that there is no surprise in fractals being analogue in nature (literally). The significant point on the matter is more about feedback... a critical point that many may miss, since they only see fractals generated on computers, they think they are digital in nature (maybe I'm stepping out of line here) but the crucial point is that it is feedback that matters, and is what is so important to keep in mind, so to speak. Jimmy Hendrix convoluted fractals in a way, maybe thats not such a strange thing to say, if you'll bear with me, that the main pronciple in nonlinear maths is the fact that feedback is the significant factor. Lasers are an excellent example which is familiar.

Posted by: Ray Thu Mar 18 19:47:08 2004

Here's a compilation site: <A HREF="">The Ultimate Video Feedback Page</A>

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