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Dog-eating dinosaur in PNG

Police hunt "dinosaur" in Papua New Guinea, after sightings of the mysterious creature. It was described as 3 metres tall, grey, with a head like a dog, a tail like a crocodile, and was "as fat as a 900-litre water tank". It was reported to have eaten three dogs. Maybe it's a bunyip that got lost?

There are 4 comments on "Dog-eating dinosaur in PNG":

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Mar 12 07:46:37 2004

They're just fishing for the cryptozoological tourist dollar. Expect the advertising campaign to start up soon, with theme song "Kokopo".

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 12 09:12:27 2004

Of course; Fortean tourism. Now it all makes sense...

Posted by: Graham Fri Mar 12 10:59:39 2004

I'm waiting for the Chupacabra package tour myself.

Posted by: Mike Farahbakhshian Fri Mar 12 21:13:37 2004

What's more fascinating at this story is that the town is built inside a caldera.

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