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Bring Back the Snakes Day

Patrick Farley (who writes/draws the excellent Electric Sheep online comics, and has his head screwed on the right way on most things) has some interesting things to say about St. Patrick's Day:
A few facts about St. Patrick:
Now, tomorrow I'll be wearing green to celebrate the arrival of spring, and surely I'll raise a pint or two of Guiness in honor of the Emerald Isle. But an Irish person celebrating "St. Patrick's Day" is as absurd as a Mexican celebrating "Cortez Day."

There are 3 comments on "Bring Back the Snakes Day":

Posted by: Andy Gimblett Wed Mar 17 16:23:06 2004

<i>But an Irish person celebrating "St. Patrick's Day" is as absurd as a Mexican celebrating "Cortez Day."</i>

Unless, of course, they happen to be a Christian.

Posted by: El Bizarro Thu Mar 18 22:17:33 2004

Yeah, those Christians love celebrating death - Easter, the passover etc. If they weren't so well established, you could almost accuse them of being a death worshiping cult.

Posted by: Marc ap Neb http:// Fri Mar 26 13:06:10 2004

ahh, but Patrick was also a Celt (or a Britanno/Roman/Germanic mongrel like the rest of us), possibly Welsh but most likely from somewhere near Bristol. Kidnapped by the proto-paddies as a boy; he was made to look after the pigs. Returned to Ireland many years later in order to evangelise the (already christian) Irish. He hated the Irish with the sort of ferocity which can be mustered only by monotheists. This allegation brought to you by badly remembered Celtic history (tm).

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