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Be paranoid

A few tidbits from civil-libertarian/paranoid-anarchist-nutter site in a classic exhibition of Gallic dirigisme, the French government is planning to install a centralised internet censorship proxy on all internet connections in France, to block racist and anti-Semitic websites. Meanwhile, the Australian government stopped publishing reports on its internet censorship scheme in late 2001 (I wonder whether they'll be claiming that they did this on grounds of national security). And finally, an ABC piece on how al-Qaeda use the internet.

There are 4 comments on "Be paranoid":

Posted by: Alex Fri Mar 19 12:10:50 2004

Oi, Alex's a mate! 'Paranoid-anarchist-nutter' he's not, but by god he's covered a few. Wonder how poor old Proff is these days...

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 19 12:27:42 2004

Last time I spoke to him, he was getting really into researching traffic-analysis/conspiracy-detection systems (of the sort that could be used to pick out al-Qaeda members from phone dialling records and such)

Posted by: zem Sun Mar 21 01:47:47 2004

I'll confess to the anarchist nutter tag, but Alex is right about the paranoid bit - I don't write the news, just report it.

Posted by: Graham Sun Mar 21 15:09:21 2004

I would suggest that if one isn't just a little paranoid, one isn't paying attention.

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