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Middle evil

Recent search engine referrals to this blog: "pictures of middle evil fair", "fan fiction of avril lavigne having sex", "the case for balanced christian music" (as opposed to unhinged Christian music, I suppose). And two about the metaphysical implications of the recently discovered 10th planetoid, from various perspectives: "is sedna the planet X" and "sedna planet christianity".

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Posted by: Giordano Bruno Mon Mar 22 00:55:48 2004

is this a Newtown blog? it feels like a Newtown blog by someone who came from Melb? cheers, Giordano

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 22 01:56:01 2004

No, it's based in Melbourne.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 22 08:03:24 2004

Anyway, I'd say it'd be more a, hmm... the Melbourne equivalent of Camperdown. Was going to say Erko, but one of my cousins moved to Erko so I'd say Erko ceased to be "hip" at that point.

Posted by: Kevin http:// Mon Jan 3 03:39:16 2005

If this is truly a Newtown Township blog, I'd like to hear from anyone else that is concerned about the over development of our township. Most recently, the latest in the "Newtown News" about building on the SAP prpoerty. Like we don't already have enough traffic problems at 252 and Rt 3. Anyone???

Posted by: Graham Mon Jan 3 08:18:53 2005

We're talking about Newtown in Sydney...