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Headline of the day: Zombies defeat robot Jesus. Which is actually about film ticket sales. Meanwhile, zombies have also attacked the RIAA. (via jwz)

While we're on the topic, George Romero's classic zombie film Night of the Living Dead has, by some mysterious means, gone out of copyright (funny; I thought only works made before 1924 or sometime did that), and can now be downloaded here. Download sizes range from 4.1G for MPEG2 (which, I presume, is what you'd burn to a DVD) to a svelte 248.8Mb for MPEG4/DivX.

There are 6 comments on "Braaaains!":

Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Mar 24 07:42:45 2004

Zombies also feature in the video for the Peaches/Iggy Pop collaboration "Kick It". In general, I think zombies are the vampires of the '00s.

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 24 07:44:33 2004

Funny, because I've recently been working (with some other people) on a punk-house/electroclash track called Disco Zombies.

Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Mar 24 12:29:01 2004

I said you had what it takes to be an arbiter of taste.

Posted by: Graham Wed Mar 24 13:18:49 2004

Disco Zombies! Disco Zombies! Ululululululu-arrrrghh!

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 24 13:46:56 2004

Mind you, there's no guarantee that, by the time Disco Zombies sees the light of day (in whatever form it takes), zombies, or punk-house for that matter, won't be hopelessly out of fashion.

Posted by: Graham Thu Mar 25 00:23:27 2004

Disco Zombies!