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The handyman can

A DIY enthusiast in Sheffield spent weeks building a guillotine, with which he decapitated himself. Kevin Brunie, 42, told relatives that his secret project was a toy car. He was unemployed and was thought to have recovered from depression, and was reported to have been in good spirits days before he died. (A lot of suicides are reported to have been uncommonly cheerful just prior to doing themselves in; take Ian Curtis, for example.) (via Die Puny Humans)

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Posted by: mark Tue Apr 6 01:34:38 2004

Well, of course he's cheerful. He just built a fully-functioning guillotine, for crying out loud! That's a very cool achievement!

('Course, committing suicide *isn't*...)

Posted by: dj Tue Apr 6 03:41:27 2004

Did he have someone sitting there knitting while he did it?

Posted by: Graham Tue Apr 6 14:39:57 2004

Pity he'll never get the opportunity to bask in the glow of a job well done.

Posted by: DCRamsey Fri Apr 24 06:22:45 2009

It would have been more apropriate for Brunie to seek help for depression. That would have been better than commiting suicide by beheading himself with the guillotine which he had built. Regardless of what problems you may face, suicide is never the correct solution. Also, it would have been better had he not built the deadly device at all. My heart gos out his entire family and relatives because it was such a wasteful loss of life.

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