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Newspaper proprietors behaving badly

Proprietor of the Daily Mail (I think that's one of those ghastly British tabloids or something) Richard Desmond goose-stepped around a boardroom giving stiff-armed Nazi salutes and uttering a stream of Sieg Heils, during a meeting with management of the Daily Telegraph, which is likely to be bought by a German concern. Mr. Desmond, who dropped out of the bidding for the paper, asked if the Telegraph bosses were looking forward to being run by Nazis, and when rebuked, let forth a torrent of personal abuse at the other people in the room. Such, I guess, is the privilege of a newspaper baron.

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Posted by: Amby http:// Sun Apr 25 10:58:04 2004

In his own words, Richard Desmond is a purveyor of "barely legal teens for the connoisseurs of young beauty". Go figure. Yes, the Daily Mail is ghastly.

Posted by: kstop Mon Apr 26 10:10:50 2004

I wish he did publish the Daily Mail, as it would give me more mockery ammo to use against my girlf, who works for the Mail's toehold in Ireland, but he doesn't. Associate Newspapers does.

Posted by: mish http:// Sun May 2 17:25:58 2004

Desmond is owner of the Daily Express, not the Daily Mail.

However some non-UK (?) confusion is understandable. Until Desmond switched to 'supporting' the Labour government in 2001, the Mail and the Express were pretty indistinguishable in terms of content.