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Staplerfahrer Klaus

Staplerfahrer Klaus, a German factory safety video that seems to have been inspired by Peter Jackson's early works, or possibly a comic splatter-horror film masquerading as a factory safety film. Includes forklifts, chainsaws and the sort of daggy/groovy incidental music that they seem to make only in Germany. If your browser doesn't play Windows Media inline, you can grab the WMV file here.

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Posted by: evilpaul http:// Wed May 12 09:00:59 2004

Awesome, love it to bits. Found a homepage for it - <>

Reminded me of Look Around You a BBC comedy series that takes the piss of kids science shows from the 70s/80s. One of the best things is that it opens with that old analogue style clock they used to play between programs. I had forgotten about that completely.


Posted by: acb Wed May 12 09:10:52 2004

I've got the Look Around You DVD; it's great. (See also: the title on )

They actually sent me the DVD because they used a free TrueType font I once made (based on the BBC Micro Teletext character set, only smoothed out a bit) for the subtitles.