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This website is Copy Controlled™

I'm Wayne Kerr, and if there's one thing I hate... it's web sites which use Javascript to disable the right-button menu. It's the web equivalent of copy-protected CDs; it doesn't stop people from downloading their images/content or stealing their HTML design secrets (if your browser can download it, you can grab it), but does prevent honest users from opening a link in another window/tab, should they so desire.

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Posted by: Peter Tue May 18 11:23:33 2004

In Windoze I use a localhost proxy called Proxomitron which is wonderfull useful for getting rid of stuff like this... It doesn't disable JavaScript completely, but basically it greps both the headers and the web page content and replaces or removes dastardly stuff.

I'm sure there are utilities like that for Linux & OSX... So I never have problems with disabled right-click...

Posted by: cos Wed May 19 00:05:45 2004

I think the latest mozilla has a (yet another) twiddlable option that'll prevent sites from doing that to your right-button menu...

Posted by: Fred Sun May 23 20:32:47 2004

does it? Would be a great option. Until now, I always used Ctrl+U for seeing the source code and copy the Link I wanted...