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Protect the children!

So what will the culture-warriors in Canberra do to follow up their anti-gay marriage bill? How about withdrawing the morning-after birth-control pill from prescription-free sale. All in the name of protecting young girls from the dangers of sex, of course. Presumably the need to get parental consent for a prescription will scare a lot of teenagers into abstinence, or so the theory goes. (Do the Silent Majority Of Suburban Battlers really vote for such reactionary gestures?)

Anyone want to start a book on when the Howard government's US-style abstinence-only sex education push will be unveiled?

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Posted by: gjw Sun Jun 13 01:15:56 2004

I don't think legislation like that is designed to appeal to the general population, but rather to encourage pro-refugee rights, pro-social services socially conservative Christians away from the Labor party. [/cynic]