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Electricity and zombies

The Straight Dope answers the essential questions of our time, such as how long would the electricity stay on after the zombies take over:
Now, let's address a scenario where the zombification process is gradual. If the operators and utilities had sufficient advance warning they could take measures to keep the power going for a while. The first thing would be to isolate key portions of the grid, reducing the interties and connections, and then cease power delivery altogether to areas of highest zombie density. After all, it's not like the zombies need light to read or electricity to play Everquest. Whole blocks and zones would be purposely cut off to reduce the potential drains (and to cope with downed lines from zombies climbing poles or driving trucks into transformers). Operators would work to create islands of power plants wherever possible, so if a plant were overrun by zombies and went down it wouldn't drag others down with it. In cooperation with regional reliability coordinators, the plant operators would improve plant reliability by disabling or eliminating non-critical alarm systems that might otherwise shut down a power plant, and ignoring many safety and emissions issues.

There are 3 comments on "Electricity and zombies":

Posted by: Michael Stuchbery http:// Thu Jun 17 14:01:53 2004

You'll be laughing on the other side of your face when the dead rise from the graves! The Straight Dope has provided a valuable community service here!

Posted by: El Bizarro Sun Jun 20 09:02:48 2004

This may be, but I think the recent energy plan for Australia demonstrates that our power is already controlled by Zombies...

Posted by: Ben http:// Mon Jun 21 06:17:31 2004

They could use some of these rationales to cut off the power to certain suburbs today.

Darn good movie though, much better than I was expecting...and make sure you stay for the credits!