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Conservative Punk, a new website to fill the neglected intersection between US Republicans and punk-rock fans. In other words, it's a generic right-wing/Libertarian news/spin/liberal-bashing portal with a "punk"-style T-shirt store attached; were it not for the title, you'd have a hard time of identifying the "punk" content. (via tyrsalvia)

Say what you will about the compatibility of conservatism and punk, there are more absurd things, like, for example, Christian Hardcore Punk. Adolescent subcultures are primarily about individuation from one's parents' generation and authority, and a version of "hardcore punk" that is family oriented and whose ideals involve obedience to parental authority seems to miss the point. Whereas being a gleefully obnoxious contrarian right-winger to piss off the right-on inner-city lefty types, it could be argued, is as punk as Sid Vicious' swastika T-shirt (or at least as punk as anything the recording industry has shat out in the past five years).

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Posted by: gjw Wed Jul 28 12:49:02 2004

Straight Edge punk is pretty right-wing, as far as I'm concerned. Millitant, closed-minded veganism, a violent (sometimes gay-hating) attitude, abstinence as a virtue, no drugs (indeed, the belief that "illegal drugs are illegal for a reason"), total belief in "self control", which is philosophically a traditionally conservative value. They even paint "X" on their hands, which always seemed to me like a 45 degree rotation of a Christian cross. Have a habit of trashing your comments system if you say anything against them, too.

Posted by: D http:// Wed Jul 28 13:57:37 2004

Speaking of which, you being an expert on music and subcultures and all mixes thereof: is 'Goth' music a sunset of 'heavy metal'? I tend to think it is, looking at the fashions, the nihilistic themes, the artwork etc. Various goths violently disagree with me. Comment?

Posted by: Ben-Gurion http:// Wed Jul 28 13:58:19 2004

Of course I meant to say 'subset'. Goddamn drinking does it to me every time.

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 28 16:43:39 2004

"Gothic rock" (i.e., Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, and so on) came from punk/post-punk. Mind you, much of what's considered "goth" these days comes from electronic/industrial traditions, going back to Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, and before that, Cabaret Voltaire, with some influences from 1980s synthpop (i.e., Depeche Mode and the Human League). Hope this helps.

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 29 00:18:20 2004

Actually, just go to and look up "heavy metal" and "goth"; it'll tell you everything you wanted to know, and probably more.

Posted by: dj Thu Jul 29 01:14:08 2004

Some straight-edgers are incredibly intolerant and will use physical violence against people who don't acquiesce to their model of behaviour. For these particular straight-edgers, their beliefs are akin to a fascist desire for 'purity'. Some people go the whole hog - there are fascist/nazi punk groups that are straight edge.

There used to be some pretty aggro debates in punk zines over politics.

Posted by: burgatron Thu Jul 29 01:38:05 2004

not all straightedger's are millitant conservative, but the small amount that are, are very noisey about it. the crimethinc type punks (that could be edge) are usually very open. check for another subcultre of punk that is picking up speed.