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Canon PowerShot G6

The details of the Canon PowerShot G6 have leaked out; it appears to be basically a G5 with a 7.1 megapixel CCD, which is to say, not much changed from my old(ish) G2, other than in resolution (and apparently improved image processing algorithms a few generations ago). It'd have been nice if they had put in some better connectivity (Bluetooth, for example, or even WiFi); or, for that matter, more than 3x optical zoom. (via gizmodo)

(One of these days, I'll upgrade my camera; probably in the next round of gadget-buying. The G2 is a good unit (though with a resolution far below newer cameras), but is a bit bulky. Something that does (most of) what the Gx can (optical zoom, aperture/focus control) and yet is smaller would be good. These days, there are much smaller 4MP cameras; how their image quality compares to the G2, however, is unknown.)

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Posted by: Richard Thu Aug 5 22:11:48 2004

I bought a 4MP A80 before my daughter was born, and it's served me very well. It has some slight chromatic distortion at extremes of contrast - generally it's not noticeable though.

Here's some photos I took the day after I bought it (nothing spectacular, just stuff in the garden :)

The only other photos I have online are of Abbey though ;)

(there's a couple in there taken with a couple of other cameras, but most are with the A80).

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