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Prozac in the water supply

Thanks to Britons' love affair with Prozac, Britain's water supplies are full of yummy Prozacky goodness.

(I wonder what the drug companies think of all those Britons getting a sample of Prozac for free every time they drink from the tap. Is it a free sample to drum up business, or intellectual-property piracy on a national scale? Though at least seasonal affective disorder may be less severe.)

All joking aside, Britain's Environment Agency (which apparently isn't run entirely by polluters' representatives yet) claims that this is a "potential concern", and that Prozac in the water table may be toxic. Mind you, judging from the taste and consistency of tapwater in London, if the stuff already in it doesn't kill you, a little bit of extra Prozac probably won't make much difference.

There are 3 comments on "Prozac in the water supply":

Posted by: Graham Mon Aug 9 15:35:46 2004

That might explain Tony Blair, actually...

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Hoth Tue Aug 10 15:51:05 2004

There was an interesting essay a few years back that postulated that the booming stock-market was a result of the wide-spread use of anti-depressant meds...

Posted by: Ben-Gurion http:// Mon Aug 16 17:11:34 2004

My brother, who you met the other day, swears that he was watching Today Tonight recently and they had an item about a 'lobby group' of concerned people who want all the bottled water sold in Australia to be flouridated to protect the teeth of all those poor deluded non-tapwater drinkers.

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