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Lazy Rights Now!

A businesswoman in the UK has been banned for asking for "hard-working" staff in a job ad, as doing so would discriminate against the lazy.

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Posted by: gjw Wed Aug 18 10:44:34 2004

When is it going to be illegal to ask for an engineer because it discriminates against nurses?

Posted by: El Bizarro Wed Aug 18 23:46:09 2004

The ad was actually declined because it discriminated against people who were not industrious. That is to say, people who were not prepared to work unpaid overtime for a slave wage.

Back in my day, we'd stack boxes from sun up to sun down grateful enough to put food on the table for the weeuns.

Etc etc

Posted by: El Bizarro Wed Aug 18 23:46:55 2004

Of course, not wanting to take anything away from the delicious irony of job ads discriminating against the lazy...

Posted by: Count Von Orlok http:// Sat Aug 21 01:09:33 2004

Chances are they wouldn't bother to read the want ads anyway. Reminds me of that time that Baldrick went for a job interview for the job of town idiot. It was between him and another guy, but the other guy was such an idiot he forgot to turn up to the interview and got the job.

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