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Status update

Your Humble Narrator is currently in Tunbridge Wells, with somewhat limited internet access; as such, blogging will be somewhat sporadic. Maybe I should start writing letters to the Times instead.

Also, can anybody recommend: (a) good cheap/free wireless internet facilities in London, and/or (b) a reasonably inexpensive dialup ISP in the UK which is usable from Linux and MacOS X (i.e., speaks basic PPP rather than using some proprietary Windows software)?

Now where did I put that superhero costume?

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Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Sat Aug 28 07:58:41 2004

Slumming it already?

I hope the flight was OK. Do you still have the same mobil number? If I give you a call I'll check the page first this time.

Posted by: acb Sat Aug 28 13:57:46 2004

I'll be getting a UK mobile phone soon; details will be posted to my LJ. I probably won't be answering calls on my Australian phone, as I'd be paying for the forwarding, though SMSes are OK.

Posted by: Alexander Sat Aug 28 21:18:11 2004

Please make an effort to spot the local superhero and, if possible, ask him if he wants to join the Syndicate. Heh.

Posted by: dj Tue Aug 31 06:10:52 2004

Watchout for Essex Girl, although you might be out of her range.

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Fri Sep 3 15:27:41 2004

SMS? Bah, I don't go in for those mind-control cult implant things anymore.

Posted by: Mark Sun Sep 12 00:25:58 2004

I guess I'm a bit late, but there are plenty of WiFi spots around:,3605,1088450,00.html