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The Goth Problem

The US state of Kansas is taking on the goth problem in schools:
"Last week, a parent told me her two kids were talking about this at dinner," Crain said. "And one of them said 'I'm so glad Ms. Crain did this, because a Goth sat behind me last year and every single day he'd hiss at me like a snake.' And that impeded his learning."
"There's always been a policy in our dress code against gang or group-related clothing," Principal Cherie Crain said. "Because there's power in numbers. When a group looks alike, they terrorize other kids or intimidate them. Sixth graders in particular were very intimidated by the cultist look. "

Jocks and preppies, of course, are exempted from these regulations because they look normal.

(Aside: a friend of mine went to the US a while ago and bought in a thrift shop a T-shirt apparently made for wearing by school staff, which had the school logo, as well as words like "DRUGS", "GANGS" and "TARDIES", crossed out. Could the word "GOTHS" be soon joining these on such shirts?)

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Posted by: dj Fri Sep 3 07:09:21 2004

This shit has been going on in Australia for a long time as well. When I went to school they picked on us for wearing metal & punk band shirts. "You are part of a cult", blah blah blah. Of course, if you wore a sporting goods logo, Country Road, or some pop band t-shirt, that was ok.

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