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Strange place names of England (1)


"Snodland" sounds more like a video game (of the colourful platform/puzzle variety) than a place in the south of England, though, apparently, that's what it is.

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Posted by: j snod Fri Sep 10 06:23:39 2004

My last name is Snodgrass. Sounds like I need to visit Snodland.

Posted by: mark Sun Sep 12 00:18:16 2004

Yeah, there are some pretty funny placenames over here.

The late Brit author Douglas Adams ( had some fun with our placenames in his "Meaning of Liff" books. His idea was to allocate them to describe things which we currently don't have a word to describe.

Adams didn't give an explanation of Snodland, but I personally think that Snodland is something similar to Wimbledon, but on the "dark side".

Posted by: acb Sun Sep 12 16:18:27 2004

And I was wondering whether there was an ancient tribe named the Snods who lived in the south of England, and from whom people named Snodgrass are descended.

Posted by: Graham Mon Sep 13 09:02:16 2004

Ahh, but are they Snoddish or Snodge?

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Wed Sep 15 14:09:10 2004

High Snod or Low?

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