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Please eat a disabled person

Seen on a train to London:

Please #### #### #eat ## a disabled person

Also, it seems that the Heavy Product thing has spread as far as Piccadilly Circus:

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Posted by: kris http:// Mon Sep 13 17:49:56 2004

On the LA metro last week I saw a similar sign which originally read "Priority seating for disabled people" but had been modified to read "priority eating of disabled people".

Posted by: Graham Tue Sep 14 12:22:29 2004

Having "This Is A Heavy Product" in Piccadilly Circus is beautiful.

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Wed Sep 15 14:09:41 2004

Be honest Andrew. You put that sticker there, didn't you?

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 15 14:53:07 2004

I didn't. Nor did I put the one I saw under Blackfriars Bridge today there.

Posted by: garvik kuundaregen http:// Thu Sep 16 04:16:42 2004

yo yo yo ass, that there a danged a doo picture there with the heavy a product stickrz aint no in focus, may perhaps you should quit the job of photography and maybe recieve a bullet from a shotgun up my ass.

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 16 11:26:07 2004

The photos were taken with a mobile phone camera, a device not known for its image quality.

Posted by: Tory Ben http:// Fri Sep 17 11:31:46 2004

So why are you lurking around on subway escalators with a mobile phone cam again?

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 17 12:07:27 2004

Because full-sized cameras are a bit too cumbersome to lurk around on subway escalators with, of course.

Posted by: Reggie Kray Sat Sep 18 15:38:16 2004

And the security guards will cotton on a bit quicker too I suppose.