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A Melburnian view of North London geography

Your Humble Narrator has recently arrived in North London, and has made the following observations:

There are 2 comments on "A Melburnian view of North London geography":

Posted by: steff http:// Fri Oct 1 00:22:15 2004

"evident in groups of hard-looking youths...and try not to look like a soft target."

Hehe, really fitting comparison btw Melbourne and London. My girflfriend also tells me of the Pony Kids in Dublin, worth checking out if you're looking for, or looking to stay away from hard-edgeed youth with jail yard stares (j.elroy). They're all over the web, a social services project gone awry ...

Posted by: Ben-Baba Ali Gazebo Sun Oct 3 03:27:55 2004

What about some of those high-rise council flats that are no-go areas for the police and army? Equivalent to the Atherton Gardens estate in Fitzroy or not quite as squalid?

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