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A managed democracy

It looks like both of Australia's newspaper groups have thrown their weight behind Howard, with Graham citing a Crikey newsletter stating that the Fairfax board have reportedly overruled their editors and ordered pro-Howard editorials (and there being some reportage of the Fairfax press also spinning news stories to make Latham look bad). News Ltd., as everyone knows, is staunchly pro-Tory, and allegedly has a sophisticated news-management strategy in place, minutely adjusting and filtering their coverage of issues for each demographic to ensure that the key electorates vote the right way.

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Posted by: Tory Ben http:// Sat Oct 9 01:04:38 2004

What I've noticed is that the establishment has started a scare campaign against voting for the Greens. They are going to legalise 'dangerous' drugs, they want prisoners to be paid award wages for their toils, they want the armed forces to be trained in non-violent methods etc. All very laudable but it will probably lose them a few votes from people who don't understand who they are voting for (usually ex-Democrat voter types).

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