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Indie brand of the day

Belle & Sebastian: not just a band, but your one stop shop for coolsie lifestyle accessories, from flight bags to--wait for it--trucker caps, all carrying the Belle & Sebastian brand (which could well be the next Paul Frank or something). The only thing they're missing is gas-station attendants' shirts.

And for the set, they have this badge of a very twee-looking bird kicking an egg.

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Posted by: darren http:// Wed Oct 13 23:16:57 2004

There's a Belle and Sebastian bar in Seoul. Apparently the big thing there was naming your bar after a band. I haven't been there, but my Man In Korea reports that it's not especially twee.

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 14 15:23:07 2004

I heard of that; apparently they have the best music in Seoul.

Maybe it's named after the French childrens' TV series?

Posted by: darren http:// Fri Oct 15 01:36:47 2004

No, apparently quite self-consciously named after the band according to Our Man's interview with the owner. Lots of Smiths on the turntables, too. Maybe it's just that Korean twee doesn't feel quite the same as Anglo twee...

Posted by: acb Fri Oct 15 12:34:08 2004

When I was in Edinburgh in 2002, I went to a Thai restaurant. They had Thai pop music playing quietly in the background (too quietly to make out the words); at that volume, it sounded like jangly British indiepop from the 1980s.

Posted by: Ben http:// Mon Oct 18 07:16:52 2004

But it was it part of the global 'Thai Tanic' franchise operation?

Posted by: Cody Tue Oct 26 07:47:11 2004

Umm. Belle and Sebastian STARTED AS A MARKETING PROJECT BY TWO MARKETING MAJORS. Look it up. You'll learn something.

Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 26 14:13:13 2004

Next thing you'll be saying they represent the epitome of situationism.