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Electing to Leave

Pissed off about Bush winning a second term? Planning to leave the US or renounce your citizenship? It's not that easy. Getting permanent residency in Canada takes more than half a presidential term in itself, and other countries are equally difficult (unless, of course, you are fabulously wealthy, in which case various Caribbean tax havens are more than willing to sell you citizenship, or if you prefer, you can live on a Liberian-registered ocean liner on the high seas with other cranky rich people). Meanwhile, the US State Department won't let you renounce your citizenship unless you have another one to fall back on, and apparently even if you do go overseas, the IRS will still require you to keep sending the income tax cheques back to fund all those wars of conquest and faith-based missile-defense systems and such. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: nostradamus http:// Fri Nov 5 04:23:21 2004

well...with bush we won't be paying out too much in taxes anyways goddamnit.

Posted by: Ben-Baba Ali Gazebo http:// Fri Nov 5 06:50:14 2004

Although you will be out of pocket when you can't work in a well-paying job while you are drafted into the infantry.

Posted by: acb Fri Nov 5 13:05:46 2004

Depends how much you make; if you're one of the working poor (which you probably aren't), you'd get the rough end of the pineapple from Bush's "tax cuts".

Posted by: mark Fri Nov 5 14:05:08 2004

If you're poor, it's pineapple-buggery time (as Andrew said). If you're middle-class (likely), it's meaningless. But if you're abso-fucking-lutely-super-duper rich beyond all possibility, GOOD NEWS!