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Talk to the hand...

British foreign secretary Jack Straw has stated that a war on Iran is "inconceivable". Well, that's me reassured.
Asked if he thought that the world would back a strike on Iran, either by US or Israeli forces, Mr Straw said: "Not only is that inconceivable, but I think the prospect of it happening is inconceivable."

That's very convenient phrasing; note that Straw does not state opposition to invading or bombing Iran, as, after all, it's not his decision to make. After all, if something unconceivable does happen, then the rules go out the window, and Britain would immediately get in line, just as it did on Iraq and the abandonment of the Oslo accord.

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Posted by: substitute Fri Nov 5 00:31:18 2004

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Posted by: toby http:// Fri Nov 5 11:21:17 2004


Posted by: Michael S. Sat Nov 6 14:11:17 2004

What does the Oslo accord have to do with Britain?

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 6 16:00:05 2004

Well, Britain backed it, playing the enlightened liberal Europeans, until Bush came out and endorsed Sharon's annexation of the West Bank. Then Blair or one of his cabinet immediately abandoned their previous position and backed Bush's new direction.

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Sat Nov 6 23:55:35 2004

I thought it was the Norwegians who brokered the deal (hence the 'Oslo' part of it). And wasn't the main point of Oslo that the Palestinians would get their own semi-self governing state, which they now have (sort of)?