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Church air causes cancer

A study in the Netherlands has found that the air in churches is a health hazard. Due to poor ventilation and the use of candles and incense, church air has 12 to 20 times the European allowed average concentration of carcinogenic particles. The study also found various types of free radicals in the air, including previously undocumented ones.

It'd be interesting to see whether cancer rates among frequent churchgoers are above the average, and if not, whether that is attributable to much-vaunted psychosomatic effects of religious faith (or, for the red-staters out there, the Almighty's miraculous protection of His flock).

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Posted by: Ben-Baba Ali Gazebo http:// Sun Nov 21 11:20:46 2004

Buddhist monks have very high rates of lung cancer, believed to be caused by all the incense they burn (although only certain denominations do, others don't use as much incense).