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Two former WW2 codebreakers from Bletchley Park have turned their attention to a coded message on a garden monument in Staffordshire. The 18th-century inscription, on a garden monument, reads "D OUOSVAVV M". Oliver and Sheila Lawn have examined 48 hypotheses about the code, with the two leading categories being those connected to the Knights Templar/Freemasonry and the Holy Grail, pointing right into Holy Blood Holy Grail/Da Vinci Code territory. Other hypotheses involved UFOs, Nostradamus, Turkish maritime maps and occultism. Then again, it could have just been a dedication from the estate owner to his late wife. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: martin winstanley http:// Tue Jan 11 17:03:09 2005

my theory:

ouosvavv d m


Ten letters, Ten monuments in the garden, Ten iers, Ten (V+V)


ouosvaten d m

a simple anagram which explains D and M.

Devout Mason.

Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Posted by: Ferhat Kanarya Thu Feb 28 11:51:06 2008

I claim that I solved the Shugborough Code. I released the solution at my website

Posted by: 77Niamh77 Tue Jul 12 16:53:15 2011

i have this at home on the roof of my house and apparently it is the oldest one they could date back to and i realy find it interesting so if u find out any more stuff keep me posted

Posted by: mc_sparky666 Mon Aug 4 01:26:41 2014

In many languages, the first ten letters of the alphabet are also the first ten digits, one to ten. Sometimes "ten" is like the name of God, as in Spanish, where the word Dios means God and the word dies means ten. In the Hebrew alphabet, the English word Judaism begins with the tenth letter of the alphabet, yud.5

The numbers five and ten play significant roles in the Dogon religion. Dogon religious symbols are closely associated with those of the Masonic Symbols. In the Dogon religion the number ten is identified with the ten fibres that came down from the alien Nummos' world. These fibres were the essence of the Nummo. The descriptions in the mythology clearly indicated the fibres were DNA.6 In the Dogon religion the two V's symbolized chromosomes and were said to be Amma forming two points. 7

Dogon social organization was expressed by classifications, which included all natural manifestations numerically expressed and related to each other.8 This was the same concept presented by Pythagoras. The P

Posted by: Guest Fri Sep 12 20:11:20 2014

I would like to give my thought of only the fist letter (D) and the tenth letter (M). The 1st letter stands for day (D) and the 10th letter stands for month (M) which would be (Oct 1st). If you go to the history of the world on October 1 you will find that in 1189 Gerord De Ridefort, Grandmaster of the Knights Templar was killed in the siege of Acre. I know its far fetched but its kind of weird how those two letters are not in line with the other 8 letters and when you use the order in line and the letter it talks about a Knights Templar Grandmaster.

Posted by: thrustyjusty Thu Feb 5 16:06:24 2015

I just put the letters into digits on my phone and typed up the same way on google earth and it went directly to a place LA-8 the code was 3 6, I just did that and bam a place exist lol