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The vegetarian cafe of angst

The voice of Australia's much-vaunted silent majority, Andrew Bolt, now has a blog. (via Ben Butler)
Hold on - let me get this straight. Suddenly we're meant to feel sorry and apologetic for young women who use their sexuality as a tool and as a result become burdened with unwanted children? Suddenly we're meant to embrace potential terrorists and rapists simply because they're from a "minority group"? Never mind that our "homies" (street slang for homosexual pickpockets) are thieving money from the middle class average Australians to give to the depraved, like a posse of horrendous, drug-addled urban Robin Hoods - after all, they're "strugglers"!
As we enter a glorious new era of Australian politics, remember that the public's faith in John Howard and the conservative Coalition proves beyond doubt that the people of this country have had enough of violence, greed and stupidity. No more following the wannabe Islamic liberals of this nation into the proverbial vegetarian cafe of angst, and being peer-pressured to order soy lattes of hate. By putting our faith in a courageous Government and our beloved American allies, we are standing together and saying "No!" to conflict.

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Posted by: gjw Tue Nov 30 02:51:36 2004

I don't know if it's intentional, or even if it's the actual way that blog is written, but the prose reminds me of something you might get if you fed a compendium of Bolt's columns into a Markov chain text generator. (

Posted by: steff http:// Tue Nov 30 06:40:12 2004

I can't quite discern the intention in that rant. It already sounds like its own satire on cnnn. Just another example of how deluded ppl can become. Say "No!" to conflict eh ?

Posted by: mark Tue Nov 30 13:44:17 2004

Um, steff, it *is* a satire. The URI should've given that away, even if Bolt's actual words are too crazy for people to reliably take the mickey.

Posted by: steff http:// Tue Nov 30 22:40:07 2004

hehe, my bad. good to hear there's one evil meanie less than i thought. I suppose with very little effort I could google some blogs that rant in Bolt's style but are genuine/sincere about their "message" ?

Posted by: acb Wed Dec 1 18:02:00 2004

Steff: Andrew Bolt is a right-wing columnist for Rupert Murdoch's Herald-Sun tabloid in Melbourne. The blog is a satire of his writing, though the real thing isn't too far away from that. (One of his claims last year was that Disney's Finding Nemo was brainwashing kids with socialist/environmentalist ideology.

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