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Peter Molyneaux, OBE

Also on the New Year Honours list: Peter Molyneaux, creator of Populous, Black and White and Fable and pioneer of the "God-game" genre, gets an OBE. According to comments in the Slashdot thread, he is not the first computer game designer honoured with an OBE; for one, the designer of Creatures got one a while ago.

There are 2 comments on "Peter Molyneaux, OBE":

Posted by: steve http:// Tue Jan 4 22:42:59 2005

that should be molyneux no? populous was a great game for it's time.

Posted by: re-born http:// Wed Jan 5 01:42:54 2005

for those who are mighty. I shall be reborn and raise this earth and replenish it with death.

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