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The Human Condition

Towards a Unified Understanding of the Human Condition, a fairly elegant model of all human endeavours and concepts:
All of life, you see, exists somewhere within the space delineated by the movies Reservoir Dogs, Being John Malkovich, and The Princess Bride. Each of these three movies represents the extreme outer limit of one aspect of the human condition. All of humanity--all religion, all philosophy, all creation, all expression, all experience--falls somewhere within the space marked off by these three movies.

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Posted by: steff http:// Sun Jan 9 03:48:25 2005

LOL: "extreme outer limit of one aspect of the human condition." Strictly whitey middle class concerns here. I already feel like some daft philistine having to gesture towards the stuff that fills the history books, holocaust, gulag, the evil fucking series of exploitations that so effortlessly traverse history. Grad student's felicitous drunk party ramble, half-assed cultural studies "take", Hollywood-centric narcicistic domestication of suffering, bloated delusional do-gooder reasoning, etc. etc.

1/3 of the world's population does not have regular access to clean water. Story ends here.

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 9 17:07:32 2005

Perhaps it needs a fourth point, say, "Bus 174" or "Irreversible"?

Posted by: Steff http:// Sun Jan 9 22:52:53 2005

yes, or Bambi, The Hills have Eyes and Paint your Wagon.

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