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Interesting technical factoid of the day, from this page: (via /.)
Did you know your 10D and 300D run DOS? That's right. Embedded in the camera is DataLight's ROM-DOS. In fact, if you use the right tool such as s10sh you can see that inside the camera is an A: and B: drive. On the A: drive reside and autoexec.bat, and most interestingly, camera.exe.
And this page has a tool for getting a shell on your camera, and gives a list of Canon camera models known to work with it. Unfortunately, I left the USB cable for my PowerShot G2 in Australia, so I can't try it out.

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Posted by: Oliver X http:// Thu Jan 20 04:16:16 2005

Umm, the camera may in fact run DOS, but s10sh is just presenting the appearance of a shell.