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The Annoying Thing

The Annoying Thing, an animation of a frog making motorbike noises, which has become one of the biggest-selling ringtones in the UK (and is all over TV ads). Anyway, it is somewhat amusing, at least if you haven't seen it millions of times already. (May not be worksafe, if computer-rendered humanoid frog genitals offend)

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Posted by: threeze Thu Jan 27 22:26:12 2005

i hate that damn frog. it has made watching Channle[v], MTV, adn VH1 even more impossible to watch here in Aus as it is ON BETWEEN EVERY BLOODY SONG.

The people flogging it here (jamster) also have a fake "ringtone idol" thing happening as well, which is SO TERRIBLE I JUST WANT TO DIE.

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 27 23:03:19 2005

Welcome to 2005, when the distance between a stupid internet meme and a m-commerce cash cow has never been shorter.

Posted by: threeze Fri Jan 28 11:10:45 2005

i blame any spelling and/or grammatical errors on that bloody frog and his tiny genitalia.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jan 28 15:57:16 2005

Unsubscribe to pay TV. Problem solved.