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Oscillons From The Anti-Sun

After being dumped by Warner, Stereolab have announced a new deal with their old label, Beggars Banquet imprint Too Pure. The deal is a worldwide licensing deal for their Duophonic label (which did UK releases, with overseas territories being Warner's), and also includes the new release from Lætitia's side project Monade. It will be followed, in late April or early May, with a 3-CD/1-DVD box set of Stereolab EP/single tracks titled, characteristically, Oscillons From The Anti-Sun.

Meanwhile in Pitchfork, details of the new New Order album, which will be titled Waiting For The Sirens' Call, and supposedly be more electronic than the last one (though there were also rumours that it was going to be in a dirty-blues-rock direction like Primal Scream after the Ecstasy wore off). One of the tracks is titled I Told You So; I wonder whether this is a nod to former Factory labelmates The Wake, who had a very New Orderesque song by that title on their last album.

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Posted by: datakid http:// Sun Jan 30 05:43:22 2005

Was it new order that did that song that was on a car commercial her in Oz?

"I don't want the world to change, I like the way it is, I want more of this" or some such?

I don't usually go for dissing bands for lyrical content, but that would have to be the most god awful lyric ever...and on a car ad no less...

Loved 24 hour party people, may they rot in hell...

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 30 10:22:51 2005

Don't remember, though "god-awful lyrics" sounds right for New Order circa Get Ready.

"What can I do, I feel like I'm on fire, if you only knew, you're the object of desire"

It looks like Prozac hasn't been kind to Barney's songwriting abilities.