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Porn: it's not just for humans anymore

Science has found that monkeys are willing to pay for monkey porn; i.e., male rhesus macaques in possession of stocks of juice will trade juice for views of female monkeys' bottoms. This emerged from a study on how much monkeys would pay to see (G-rated) pictures of monkeys of various ranks (the answer: less than for porn for high-rating monkeys, though you'd have to actually pay them to look at low-ranking loser monkeys).

Now, an interesting question would be, would it be possible to put monkeys to work (useful or experimental, as long as it's something they wouldn't normally do without reward) and pay them in a currency that's useless in and of itself but useful only for buying things (juice or monkey pr0n).

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Posted by: billy http:// Sun Jan 30 16:43:07 2005

that's how the aliens got people to do anything, way back when money first came about. that's what is wrong with the world today, and all that is gonna change when they come back in seven years or so and tell us about it...hmmm..

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