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Things recently seen on LiveJournal

The world's wrongest furry; a bit like a Furry version of that Aphex Twin video, only with extra wrongness. Along similar lines, this pair of hairy blokes in anime schoolgirl costumes.

Meanwhile, Target in Australia are now selling collectible Goth figurines, which, for some reason, are in the anime section. (Which is odd in itself; last time I was in a Target, they didn't have an anime section, let alone one with collectible figurines. Perhaps it's in the "grunge mall" Coles-Myer were planning to build in Melbourne or something?) Does this mean that the Goth subculture now has an anime series about it?

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Posted by: steff Sun Feb 6 23:23:39 2005

Intruiging. I'll pop into the "grungy" bourke st mall housing target when next I venture into the city. Can we expect Target to have "researched" this impenetrable area of cultural knowledge? What I mean to say is that Goth and Anime are almost the SAME thing anyway. An anime series about goth would be cool .

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 7 00:42:02 2005

The "grunge mall" idea was floated some time in the mid-to-late 1990s, when someone at Coles Myer had the idea of using some unused building in the CBD entirely to sell stuff to teenagers. I don't think anything came of it.