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Olympic Potemkin Village

According to The Law West of Ealing Broadway, the conspiracy of traffic light controllers (London branch) has been pressed into the service of the 2012 Olympic bid. As the Olympic Committee visits London, prior to making its decision, they will experience preternaturally smooth traffic flow, as London's traffic flow computers tweak light sequences to give them priority. (Which, of course, means that the poor bastards on other roads will be stuck in worse congestion than normal.) Meanwhile, all public transport the Committee will see will be scrubbed to Working-Title-romantic-comedy-set levels of shininess.

(Candidate cities attempting to woo the International Olympic Committee by dishonest means? Say it ain't so!)

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Posted by: datakid http:// Tue Feb 15 22:00:57 2005

Hey, I've a friend who did traffic engineering for the Melbourne bid for the games all those years ago....

Posted by: Graham Wed Feb 16 13:02:30 2005

Wot? They didn't scrub up Sydney while I was studying there prior to the success of that bid. (Although they did make the trains run on time for the actual games. Seems laughable now from what I hear...)