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Road Kill Gummi Candy

Humorless animal-rights activists have succeeded in getting sweets shaped like roadkill withdrawn from sale, on the grounds that it could make children believe that cruelty to animals is delicious. (via bOING bOING)

at the risk of sounding like the Daily Mail or someone, this sounds like an instance of political correctness run amok. Are children really sufficiently susceptible to influence that a piece of macabre candy can instill sadistic tendencies in them? I guess that explains why the baby boomers who grew up in the 1950s, the golden age of ghoulicious children's entertainment, all turned out to be murderous psychopaths.

Or, to quote The Parking Lot Is Full:

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Posted by: gjw Sat Feb 26 23:03:49 2005

I'm just having trouble understand how "Road Kill" = "Animal Cruelty", or "Road Kill" is encouraging children to harm animals. You don't go out there deliberately trying to run over foxes and snakes for the fun of it. At first I thought this was some typical PETA madness, but it appears to be an "animal cruelty" group rather than an "animal rights" group doinging the whining.

Posted by: steff Sun Feb 27 00:29:36 2005

Haha, brilliant cartoon. Do let's sanitize our youth before they become exposed to experiences we, tragically, had to live through.

Posted by: Paulo http:// Wed Mar 2 13:15:29 2005

You have got to aknowledge that SOME baby boomers who grew up in the 1950s turned out to be murderous psychopaths! Don't you ?

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 2 17:32:14 2005

That is not doubted; the question is whether a statistically significant proportion more of people growing up in the 1950s became murderous psychopaths than members of other generations. I have not seen any evidence to this effect.

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