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Charles Darwin has a Posse

A new range of stickers for believers in evolution and the scientific method wishing to take the fight to the streets:

Charles Darwin has a Posse

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Posted by: ojsbuddy http:// Wed Mar 23 04:36:27 2005

<i>His theory of natural selection in 1859 provided a simple,<b> non-supernatural </b>explanation for how life on earth had evolved and continues to evolve.</i>

It is never mentioned that Darwin was an extremely religious Christian and believed in the supernatural .

He was not defying God , but trying to understand God's methods.

And , I think he succeded(sp) in doing that .

Darwin was concerned with CHANGE ; not Creation. As with Christianity , it was Darwin's followers who misunderstood - - or deliberately mis-stated his claims .

Darwin had no idea OF a 'GENOME' and made no claim of such .

To Darwin , I propose that he would have considered it Divine .

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 23 11:24:58 2005

He was also a theologian.

Though he did come to the idea that complexity can emerge from a natural process without the involvement of intelligence, which relegated God to the sidelines as far as science was concerned.

Posted by: Adam http:// Wed Mar 23 16:59:29 2005

I love how the Web site tells Public School Science Teachers to hand the Darwin stickers out as rewards. I have a special place in my heart for folks who cause trouble for the establishment. :-)