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FourPlay in Melbourne

For those reading this in Melbourne: the mighty FourPlay String Quartet are playing at the Espy on the 7th of April, and Brunswick Street's Bar Open on the 9th (with not one but two sets). If you've seen them, you'll know that they rock; if not, go and see them. You won't regret having done so.

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Posted by: datakid http:// Thu Mar 31 08:18:03 2005

dev/null goes down, and is back again with new improved look! nice one...

Posted by: acb Thu Mar 31 10:16:55 2005

New improved look? I added a few rotating title graphics and the "1/2/5 years ago" features in the sidebar, but that's about it.

Posted by: threeze Thu Mar 31 13:04:12 2005

they are playing in canberra in a few weeks, but i won't be able to see them as i will be at coachella. oh well, guess i win.

Posted by: steff Thu Mar 31 23:07:18 2005

Thanks, will head over to Bar Open.

Posted by: datakid http:// Thu Mar 31 23:07:43 2005

the rotating photos happened a few weeks ago - but the 1/2/5 years ago happen jsut this week, no?

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 1 00:11:46 2005

Yes. I wouldn't call it a complete redesign though.

Posted by: clearo Mon Apr 4 06:58:48 2005

What do they sound like . Anyone got any soundbites/ downloads to check them out.

Rgds C

Posted by: steff Sat Apr 9 22:48:49 2005

Meh. That didn't hit the spot at Bar Open last night. Way overcrowded, ppl coming and going all the time, bad soundmix and maybe the band was even a little tired.