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To appear on the front of the Daily Mail

Interesting to see that the Daily Mail's headline yesterday on the Pope's death was "SAFE IN HEAVEN"; in other words, that they presented an article of faith as a fact. Then again, what are tabloids for?

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Posted by: steff Mon Apr 4 21:15:10 2005

Well spotted. The "tone of voice" of that headline, on the other hand, "sounds" like a "good riddance" comment. Or is that just me ?

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 4 22:54:37 2005

The Daily Mail is a very right-wing and (as the Americans would say) know-nothingist sort of tabloid, the sort that rails in favour of conservative folk prejudices; they make The Sun look enlightened by comparison (and the Herald-Sun doubly so). Asserting that a hardline conservative Pope is saint material as an article of faith seems like the sort of thing they'd do.

Posted by: Slap Dash http:// Thu Apr 7 08:16:48 2005

pope in heaven?

His dick was in a boys butt?

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