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A post on teaching one's children to program in Python:
your_name = raw_input("What's your name? ")
if your_name.lower() == "freja":
  print "You're very stinky,", your_name
  print "You smell lovely, ", your_name

Which sounds like the next generation's equivalent of 10 PRINT "JASON IS ACE!" 20 GOTO 10

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Posted by: gjw Thu Apr 7 00:22:07 2005

Heh. I love Python because I can program in it as if it's BASIC. Old habits die hard. C, Java, and Perl even, have a whole other paradigm that I could never completely get my head around.

Posted by: gjw Thu Apr 7 00:26:14 2005

...although are young kids these days interested in mucking about with programming languages? I was wasting hours writing programs on an Amstrad CPC when I was 8 - somehow, all I can imagine a current 8-year-old wanting to do is play PS2.

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 7 08:29:26 2005

Programming for fun is still a minority activity. The difference is that in the 1980s, the majority played ball games or watched cartoons, whereas now, the majority play Grand Theft Auto or whatever.