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The Internationale©

Irony of the day: the anthem of Communism, The Internationale is copyrighted; a filmmaker in France is being shaken down for US$1,283 for having someone whistle the song without permission in one of his films.
Under French law, "The Internationale" won't fall into the public domain until 2014 70 years of post-mortem protection plus extra time to cover the world war. Degeyter died in 1932.

(Via bOING bOING, who point out that there's (a fragment of) a decent electropop version of The Internationale here. Funnily enough, a while ago, I thought that a happy-hardcore/doof/indie-dance version, with some dude rapping about dialectic materialism in the middle, would work well at the numerous anti-capitalism rallies the lefties kept having before 9/11.)

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Posted by: datakid http:// Sat Apr 9 21:47:20 2005

I'm always surprisd at how scathing you are of the lefties...I can understand the ISO or Socialist Alternatvie being object for ridicule, but as someone who participated in those rallies/what-have-you as a radical, I find it confronting (which is probably good)...I guess it just makes me think of dev/null as being more like vice mag than it needs to be ....

Posted by: acb Sat Apr 9 22:16:55 2005

I wouldn't say this post is scathing. Irreverent, for sure, but it doesn't really bucket the political left as a whole.

Posted by: acb Sat Apr 9 22:18:15 2005

Btw, if is like VICE Magazine, then I'm going to have to start throwing parties with cocaine and porn stars and miscellaneous debauchery.

Posted by: datakid http:// Sat Apr 9 23:05:02 2005

It was more reference to hard to comprehend perceived non-politics...I think it was the way the phrase "the lefties kept having" seemed so throw away...don't take it personally.../dev/null still has more thought and content than vice...I didn't mean to offend - you are the editor, after can put here what you want...I still love coming here

Posted by: acb Sat Apr 9 23:54:34 2005

Ah, that; well, that's part of the site style, and is applied pretty much across the board.

Anyway, I find that VICE is often a lot smarter than it looks, and typically make a point of picking it up whenever it comes out. Even if it is written by obnoxious Nathan Barley coolsie twats (as it may or may not be).

Posted by: datakid http:// Sun Apr 10 11:41:35 2005

Yeah, I know - it's just that s11 was close to my heart - I was part of the media circus collective and was (call it naivly, youthful naivete, or something) very hopefull, until s11 2001 came around...I know this site has that vibe, this one just got to me...

I also like vice on occasion, but it also drives me batty, like the melbourne music scene's lack of politics in the years 1999-2003 (I don't know if it's any better now)...the only band I can point to of note was jihad against america...and vice just seems to pander to idiocy and vapidity, albiet very well...I guess it makes me uncomfortable, _because_ that is my analysis, yet I continue to read it...