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All tomorrow's buzzwords

One of the Memepool people has drawn up a table of buzzword prefixes and suffixes, (i.e., "pod-", "mo-" and "blue", and "-casting", "-ster" and "-zilla"), and filled in the squares with definitions of the buzzwords that currently exist, speculative definitions of concepts that may one day exist, and the obligatory "exists but isn't called that" squares:

Some of the empty squares suggest definitions; i.e., "friendblogging" could be either going on about mundane details of one's life that only concern those who know the author, or possibly LiveJournal-style friends-only blogging with social-network authentication.

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Posted by: cos Mon Apr 25 12:08:46 2005

I remember a (semi-)co-worker years back doing a similar prefix/suffix matrix for company names, and then checking to see how many of them existed as .com domains...

Posted by: Jim http:// Tue Apr 26 10:57:02 2005

Podzilla exists; it's the default user interface for iPod Linux.