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Blue Sunshine

Two members leave The Cure (hang on, weren't they supposed to have broken up?), reducing the veteran band to a trio. Though, given that The Cure jumped the shark sometime around 1990, and have since done a profitable but dull line in Cure-by-numbers, this isn't particularly noteworthy.

What is noteworthy, though, is the mention on the bottom of the news item that Robert Smith is currently working on a remastered version of Blue Sunshine, a much-underrated psychedelic-pop album done by Cure/Banshees side project The Glove in 1982 or so.

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Posted by: gjw Wed Jun 1 01:17:40 2005

As I recall, The Cure broke up in 1996, 1999, and 2003. They've really only ever been Smith/Gallup, though. The others are just stand-ins.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jun 1 07:44:48 2005

Well, I liked Wish, after there it gets a bit, OK, what's the point, Bob? But that happens to even the best bands.

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 1 08:45:46 2005

Well, when New Order hit the doldrums, they got the Chemical Brothers (who had learned from them) to come in and show them how to be New Order again.

Perhaps for their next album, The Cure should enlist the help of Bloc Party or someone?