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Schapelle Corby Liberation Front

Indonesian embassy in Canberra evacuated after biological weapon scare, when white powder in an envelope sent to the embassy tested positive for a bacillus related to anthrax. It is believed extremely unlikely that the incident is unconnected to the recent conviction of Australian Schapelle Corby (who, incidentally, is said to have become the newest client of celebrity agent Harry M. Miller) for drug trafficking in Bali.

It was sickening enough to hear of Australians calling tsunami relief charities and demanding their donations back over this incident; this takes it to a whole new level. If nothing else, the possibility that people who form their beliefs from tabloids and reality-TV shows have access to biological weapons is truly alarming. The human race is doomed.

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Posted by: steff Thu Jun 2 03:38:52 2005

Add to that the possibility that Australians may have to call one of their own a "terrorist". Then the neat "the others" are the terrorists won't be quite so make-believe watertight anymore.

Posted by: dj http:// Thu Jun 2 05:44:06 2005

Australia already has it's own terrorists, like Jack van Tongeren.

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 2 12:30:44 2005

Is he an actual terrorist or just a bampot?

Posted by: dj http:// Fri Jun 3 03:28:53 2005

He was convicted for an arson/fire-bombing campaign against Asian businesses in Perth. It may not be the Twin Towers, but it fits the definition. An ironic note should be made that this 'white supremacist' (like others of his ilk) hardly fits the notions of white purity he espouses - van Tongeren has a Javanese father.