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Experimental Travel

This book looks interesting; it's apparently a travel guide for aspiring surrealists and such, filled with suggestions for offbeat ways of experiencing foreign locales:
Do you yearn for the glories of yesteryear? Pack an octogenarian guidebook and replace the subway with a penny farthing for an Anachronistic Adventure. Do you like to gamble? Taste the real thrill of adventure with Trip Poker or Monopoly Travel. Are you desperate for a holiday but strapped for cash? To undertake Budget Tourism low funds are not an obstance but a prerequisite.

There are 2 comments on "Experimental Travel":

Posted by: HazyJayne Sun Jun 5 20:38:07 2005

Hmmm... I'd be interested tlo see if they have any ideas for the cash strapped to do in Boston...

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 6 08:31:10 2005

I don't think it mentions individual cities or places.