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ABC Asia Pacific up for grabs?

Meanwhile, Sky TV (the Australian satellite TV company, jointly owned by Murdoch's BSkyB and two other Australian media oligarchs, Kerry Packer and Kerry Stokes) is lobbying to take over the ABC's Asia Pacific television service. The contract comes up for renewal next year, and the government hasn't said which way it'll lean. Who knows; perhaps some Evangelical Christian group will come out of nowhere and snatch the contract or something?

There are 3 comments on "ABC Asia Pacific up for grabs?":

Posted by: datakid http:// Mon Jun 6 22:19:40 2005

Media watch was a hoot last night - I highly recommend you take it up again - even four corners was watchable...I must be getting old

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 6 22:47:25 2005

Take it up again? I don't think the local cable service here offers it.

Posted by: steff Tue Jun 7 01:20:55 2005

Yeah Media Watch really owns the rest. The Minister for Communication wouldn't even endorse the ABC, but kept beating around the bush. Clearly BSkyB are lobbying hard (want us to win another election for you?).

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