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Ronald McJackson

An image recently found online:

(Posted on the unpopart LiveJournal community, which appears to be a den of Satanists, Nazi-fetishists, serial-killer fans, misanthropes and aesthetic extremists connected with the likes of Adam Parfrey, Boyd Rice and Jim Goad.)

I wonder whether the resemblance between Michael Jackson and Ronald McDonald is pure coincidence or intentional. Ronald McDonald predates Michael Jackson's adult career by more than a decade. Could McDonalds have finetuned their mascot's appearance to be more Jacksonlike during the 1980s (when Jackson was hot property, and was moving lots of units for Pepsi)? (The alternative theory would be that Jackson (consciously or otherwise) modelled his public image on the World-Famous Magical Clown, perhaps to better appeal to children.) Also, could McDonalds' recently announced makeover of their mascot also be an attempt to shed similarities to Michael Jackson (which could be more of a liability than an asset these days)?

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Posted by: memphet http:// Thu Jun 16 19:10:23 2005

leave mike alone, yo!

Posted by: substitute Thu Jun 16 22:15:54 2005

I'm personally a big Miss McDonald fan now:

Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 17 09:09:54 2005

I betcha the makeover doesn't turn Uncle Ron into a Juggalo.

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 17 10:20:20 2005

Or include Krumping as one of his fitness exercises.

Posted by: Jonathan Morris Sat Jul 19 17:16:40 2008

ROnald Mcdonald is a rapist and molest little children in his own sexual ways of gayness, but reall when we all watch the ronald mcdonald commercials we knowtis that the clown only seems to pop up when parents arent around. Now tell me why these parents trust this clown to take care of their children while their gone like hes not gonna do somethin bad with em. RONALD MCDONALD is a Child molester and thats that. yeah but like the other guy said leave M.J. alone.

Posted by: Matty. Fri Dec 19 12:56:50 2008

for Fuck sake its a mcdonalds clown sure its a little creepy but wtf

Posted by: PrInCeSs Wed Mar 11 23:25:09 2009

MJ is the real creeper, and everyone sticks up for that child predator. He was cute when he was young but that changed, he's sick. Ronald Mcdonald is just a stupid clown that has creepy face paint, quit makin' him such a big fuckin' deal

Posted by: Elfasauz Sat Sep 12 14:08:55 2009

The corporation is the real creep. That's the industry. It's suing those who file-share and messing with people's freedoms; it's putting a mask on MJ (he died figuritively long before he died literally); it's polluting our mental, sonic, visual and environmental landscapes; and it seems to regard people with outright contempt, etc.. See the documentary, 'The Corporation' as an example.

Posted by: astrobek Sun Sep 13 07:48:49 2009

Before everyone get's so excited... does this not look like a photoshop job to anyone but me.. i mean the ronald macdonald in australia anyway is pure ranga... none if this black styled hair thing - big, curly, red, clown wig... and isn't the facial features just a little too close. unless it was intentionally a promo featuring jackson as ronald - commercial cameo lol. any info about when the photo was taken/ published by who and where? i reckon someone's just having a laugh..

Posted by: acb Sun Sep 13 11:28:43 2009

The image is, of course, a collage. Though one of the reasons it works is because the Ronald McDonald character bears a resemblance to Michael Jackson's stage persona.

Posted by: why_u_all_hate Thu Apr 1 01:29:12 2010

(to those who dont like mj:) srysly ppl, wtf! u all need to stop picking on MJ, he's a person u jerks! "omg he's a child predetor." SHUT THAT CRAP UP YOU MJ H8ERS. if u don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all then. what if all o' U (like it or not) get a chance in MJ's shoes, hm? i bet u all wouldn't like to be called ugly or "the raper". dudes when r u all gunna stop picking on mJ?? take ur B.S somewere else. and if u respond ta this, i aint listenin foolz.