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The Parting of the Ways

Well, that was a cracker of a way to end a season of Doctor Who. Dalek cultists? Who would have thought. Even if it did seem like a bit of a deus ex machina.

Anyway, David Tennant will have a tough act to follow as the next Doctor, given how good Ecclestone's grinning-nutter-with-heart was.

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Posted by: Alex Mon Jun 20 00:30:36 2005

Spoilers! Gaah. In fairness the ABC have been running ads with the old pepper pots, and they did do a 'next week...' spot just after Saturday's epsode).

In the episode just aired here, the shapeshifting-farting-aliens-nuke-the-world reminded me of the 2000AD story 'Finn', which featured a neo-pagan hero doing battle with rather similar 'shining ones', who all occupied positions of power, police and politicians &c. They also exploded when killed, although not after being assaulted with pickled eggs. (I can't witness a kitchen weapon scene and not think of the bomb-making sequence in The Terminator)

Posted by: Graham Mon Jun 20 02:39:20 2005

Thanks for that spoiler boy.

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 20 08:40:35 2005

Well, given that it has been common knowledge that Eccleston only signed up for one series, I don't think my post spoiled anything. Except perhaps that there's something to do with Daleks.

Posted by: Jim Mon Jun 20 08:50:45 2005

At least he hasn't told you what Bad Wolf is all about...

Posted by: steff Mon Jun 20 10:00:25 2005

At times I found Ecclestone's antics a wee bit too goofy. Maybe that was part of the plan. What a very 'matrix-y' ending though. BTW, is it very very sick to identify with the Daleks ???

Posted by: Peter Mon Jun 20 11:24:49 2005

"Dalek cultists"? Come on, Andrew, that's a little bit more of a spoiler than "There's Daleks in it". I've watched every episode up to but not including that one, and knew there were Daleks, but now I'll be watching the last one trying, even if unconsciously, to work out what you mean. *sigh* Naughty!

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 20 14:24:41 2005

Note that I didn't say that there are Daleks in it; Dalek cultists could well be someone else who worship the Daleks in hideous rites or something.

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 20 14:25:42 2005

Anyway, wasn't Bad Wolf a coolsie-electro-disco-rock band/album from a few years ago?